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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] Re: uk-netmarketing digest: January 29, 2001
From: David Cabrera
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 15:46:28 -0000

I have no idea of what Buystream can do - to be honest I've never heard of
it but that is not the point.

A designer can be the DB's creatively but if they don't know which groups
visit a site, why they visit, what they purchase, how they came to the site,
which promotional offers they respond to or ignored, etc, etc, etc, the
designer will be as much use as a sailor who can't navigate i.e. you know
your destination, you have a vague idea of your current position and you
need clear skys because using the sun is your only prayer. Whereas a
navigator who can't hoist a sail...

In other words design without data is about as useful as data without design

Finally have a look at www.landmarctechnologies.com they have effective and
inexpensive CRM, data gathering and email marketing solutions which our
clients are happy with.


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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Re: uk-netmarketing digest: January 29, 2001

> >As a web designer you
> >have no reason to take such an aggressive tone
> Is laughing at your trying to flog software to this list whilst incapable
> building your web site correctly, and highlighting your spelling mistakes
> yet another example of your lack of attention to detail in your public
> facing activities, "aggressive"? If so, I appologise.
> >this software is designed to work with and not against the creative
> process,
> >what are you suggesting? That on its own a design agency can increase a
> >site's e-commerce revenue?
> What I'm suggesting is that your digital snake-oil will not do what you
> it will.
> Tell you what - give me an example of how this will happen:
> "if there's something you can do to attract better visitors, sell
> higher-margin products or improve your closure rate Buystream will let you
> know in clear language."
> Tom Dussek

  Re: uk-netmarketing digest: January 29, , Tom

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