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Subject: Re: UKNM: Battleship JWT
From: Felix Velarde
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 16:43:24 +0100

on 26/6/00 Ray wrote:

>Ah, so the trad agency that owns you is, like Tim's, an exception to the
>rule that ad agencies are wankers? Now I understand where you are both
>coming from ;-)
>Anyone else for a bit of self-justification?

Wooo - hangover? Ray dear, we're not owned by an ad agency, we're
owned by myself and Jason, and a company that owns a company which
owns an ad agency has a minority stake in Head - all of which is
public knowledge. Ad agencies aren't 'wankers' - they are however
specialists. Head New Media is a specialist too; we don't do what
they specialise in, nor does cousin Lowe Lintas pretend to do what we

Banners were invented so that non-specialists would 'get it' about
on-line commercial communications - a kind of facile "here, we'll
make it easy for you because you're a specialist in something else
poor thing". Banners devalue the internet, in the same way that it
could be argued that flyposting devalues outdoor media.

Now that marketers are becoming sophisticated enough to see that net
users ignore banners, and traditional Sunday media is suddenly awake
to their existence at all (see also inane Sundays hype about
now-you-see-it WAP), hopefully everyone will wake up to the fact that
their agencies should be including serious on-line brand/CRM
activities in overall brand strategies, as they do in the particular
network we belong to.

My view is that banners were sold in by 'netpreneurs' (remember when
the net was about eyebrows not eyeballs?), so it's their fault for
muddying the waters for the rest of us - or, charitably, providing us
all with the negative example to prove the worth of our wares. The
argument that I hear frequently is that if the click-through rate is
risible, at least you get brand impressions. If direct mail was
measured like that, their industry, which is now taken very seriously
in the marketing mix indeed, would be a laughing stock.


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  Re: UKNM: Battleship JWT, Ray Taylor

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