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Subject: RE: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?
From: Alex Dunne
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 16:32:02 +0100

$135mil can go pretty quickly in a year for a multi-national startup. Maybe
your burn rate is $13mil/month because you have to:

1. Buy/rent machines, equipment, office space for your infrastructure
2. Structure and operate fulfillment centers, even if you outsource
3. Run marketing campaigns and pay fees to companies that create them
4. Recruit, hire, train and pay 400 staff plus multi-national benefits
5. Manage your distributed operations (including travel costs)
6. Build a massive multi-lingual, e-commerce, 24X7, high-concept website
7. Maybe pay more for some services 'cuz you need them, like, NOW!
8. Multiply all this by n number of countries in which you
9. And of course, all those prepaid DHL 'free return' slips that went

Taking a different perspective, $135mil is only a 2cent movement in MSFT's
stock price.

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Subject: RE: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?

Jude Robinson wrote:

> What?!?!?? Don't think the demise of Boo has much to do with poor
> marketing, to be honest...

I think this was one of the main problems....after all what's the point of
spending 's on a marketing campaign BEFORE the site is ready to go live.

I've tried to steer clear of this discussion, because I have too many
questions about this business, but I'm in now so :-

1. How do you spend 90Million in a year?!!! what a party that must have
2. Why did they have 300 staff? (maybe answers q1)
3. Why was the ad campaign so poorly planned?
4. How did they expect to sell goods above high street prices?
5. Why was the ad campaign so poor? (being kind here, but the ad I saw kinda
shouted if you're a 70's throwback 2 stone shmuck and you hang around in a
gang terrorising people on the tube with your BO then run to BOO!)
6. How do you spend 90Million in a year?
7. How come they don't know how they spent 90Million in a year?

I just keep asking myself why I didn't break into their offices and help
myself from the pile of 50 notes that they were using to power the
heating.....or were they re-soling their shoes with them..........90mil in
a year....sorry, but I just can't get over that.


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