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Subject: UKNM: Internet and credit cards
From: Chris Heathcote
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:15:11 GMT

At 2:51 pm +0000 on 19/11/99, Jo Chipchase wrote:

>The joke was on me, as the ordering system hung immediately after I
>entered my cc number. Two calls to the credit card company
>confirmed, to my relief, that this time my card hadn't been debited.
>However, I am reluctant to try either of these systems again !
>Has anyone had similar experiences? Perhaps I'm jinxed with these things!

As Steve said, there are so many two-bit hacked-together e-commerce
systems that problems are bound to occur.

The problem starts with the "only click this button ONCE" messages,
then there's the "do not close this window, do not click anywhere for
up to 5 minutes", in which time you're meant to cross your fingers,
and pray to your monkey gods that the next screen will actually

Add in clunky Java or JavaScript shopping carts, and there's no
wonder that most shopping experiences end up with the user befuddled
and confused.

Even if your order is accepted, there's still the problem that a lot
of sites store the orders and print them out for operators to enter
by hand. Human error is bound to increase the number of wrong orders
and returns that have to be dealt with.

All that said, I try and buy everything on the Internet - travel
tickets, CDs, books, whatever. I've probably spent 4-5 grand on the
net over the last 2 years. The only credit card fraud was when a card
had been used *before* I actually received it - some Internet
shopping site had let scriptkiddies try out long lists of possible cc
numbers without locking them out. Mine must have come up as accepted,
and 180 pounds later, they dumped it. Natwest were incredibly helpful
and refunded the money straight away.

It's against the rules to deliberately try to do it.
Much like winning the hundred meter mosey.
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