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Subject: Re: UKNM: ad targeting techniques
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:44:15 +0100

Kevin Rice <k [dot] riceatconnexity [dot] co [dot] uk> said:

>Over the last 2 years (approx.) the big US advertising networks have shifted
>from content based targeting to targeting based on sophisticated personal
>profiling techniques. Over the same period average click-thru rates have
>fallen from 3% to 1%. Are the new techniques proving effective?

And what "sophisticated personal profiling" techniques would these be then?
DoubleClick (the biggest US web ad network) for example sells many millions
of banner impressions, but most of the ones I see are totally untargeted. So
small wonder they produce such a poor response.

Big American players may say they are using "sophisticated" techniques, but
in practice all they are doing is packaging up more and more uninspiring and
virtually untargeted inventory and flogging it to naive first-time buyers.

Ray Taylor
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