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Subject: Re: FLASH: Crop a Movie stage?
From: GBrown
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:14:46 +0100

Title: Re: FLASH: Crop a Movie stage?

Thanks, Marc!
Moving elements all at once worked fine following your directions.  Quick and painless.  I then reduced stage accordingly.


    > Is it possible to crop a movie stage?  Other than modifying the movie's width
    > and height -- which only increment or decrement to the right and bottom, it
    > sure would be a nice feature to crop a stage from the left, for example.

    Sorry, you can only reduce stage as you have noted.

    > On a related note, if you do resize your stage, is there an easy way to move
    > all your elements in relative coordination?  For example, if I have a movie
    > 500px wide with most of the animation on the right side, but need to cut it
    > down to 300px wide -- how do I re-position the animation so it stays on the
    > stage in its relative position -- without manually moving every element?

    You must move all elements manually, however you can move them all at once:
    1) Unlock all layers
    2) Choose Edit Multiple Frames
    3) Select Onion All from onion skin item
    4) Perform a Select All
    5) Drag (with mouse) or reposition (with arrow keys) all elements at once.

    I recommend you do this on a backup copy until you get the hang of it.

    - -Marc

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