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Subject: Re: FLASH: Crop a Movie stage?
From: brzys
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:49:08 +0100

Title: Re: FLASH: Crop a Movie stage?
This is the question of having the mountain move to you as apposed to moving the mountain Mr. Brown!

Might I suggest you use the objects menu and move your animations/elements one by one, using the exact coordinates x and y. This is going to take awhile, I suggest you get to work!


Mary Brzys

-- http://www.brzys.com

From: GBrownatskandia [dot] com
To: flasheratshocker [dot] com
Subject: FLASH: Crop a Movie stage?
Date: Sat, Aug 28, 1999, 12:15 PM


    It's probably been asked before, but since there seems to be no searchable archive of this list, bear with me . . .

    Is it possible to crop a movie stage?  Other than modifying the movie's width and height -- which only increment or decrement to the right and bottom, it sure would be a nice feature to crop a stage from the left, for example.

    On a related note, if you do resize your stage, is there an easy way to move all your elements in relative coordination?  For example, if I have a movie 500px wide with most of the animation on the right side, but need to cut it down to 300px wide -- how do I re-position the animation so it stays on the stage in its relative position -- without manually moving every element?

    Thanks for your help!

    Greg Brown

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