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Subject: FLASH: text buttons
From: tristan.wuerslin
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:44:53 +0100

I need help with a text button. I want to use a text symbol in another
"button" symbol such that if I ever need to adjust the rollover button, all
I have to do is change the symbol text that it was based off of.
However, I want the 3 states of the button to have different colors. How
can I do this? I want only one "original" reference symbol.
The only way I can see to do this is make copies of the original text symbol
and change their colors and import them into the button symbol. But that
means a lot of work if I ever need to change the text or colors.
The other way I found was to go into the button and break apart the symbol
on the rollover and down states so that I could change the color. However,
this is also time consuming.

Does anyone know of a way to only have one symbol as a reference for a
button, but such that I can have different colors for the rollover and down
states.....and such that updating the text and colors can all be done from
the original text.

Mr. Tristan L. Wuerslin
Graphic Artist/Animator
GE Power Systems University-Multimedia
1 River Road Bld. 600 Rm. 200
Schenectady, NY 12345
(518) 385-4427
wuersltratpssch [dot] ps [dot] ge [dot] com

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