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Subject: Re: FLASH: Days of idiocy and utter frustration
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 23:45:25 GMT

Any ideas why an object would work if you cut
>it from movie A and pasted it into movie B without making any changes to it,
>when it wouldn't work in movie A? Maybe I got up too early?
>len harrison

Repeat after me: "perisolstice psychosis...perisolstice
psychosis...persisolstice psychosis"

There is a reason people get crazy this time of year. Relax, have a happy
new year, Len, and thanks for all your great posts to this list.


Marc Hoffman
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  RE: FLASH: Days of idiocy and utter frus, Len Harrison

  FLASH: Days of idiocy and utter frustrat, Len Harrison

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