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From: unique
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 19:32:07 GMT

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, josh teplow
<artist2ataccess1 [dot] net> put forth:

> I was wondering if you could help me with an infuriating problem. I just
> bought flash and even technical support will not give me the time of day.

You don't need tech support 99.9% of the time ... that was back in the old days
... these days you have the manual, the tutorials (do them!), the books, the
many Flash development sites, and, last-but-not-least, *us* :-) .

> I just opened the Flash package, learned to create symbols and have created
> movie clips with those symbols. Each movie has a stop action as part of the
> individual movie clip. Everything is in the library. I have taken those
> movie clips and put them on separate layers within the main scene (scene 1)
> I merely want each movie clip to play in order, first one then movie clip
> two and onto clip3. I have put each clip in one keyframe--movie clip 1 in
> keyframe 1, movie clip 2 in keyframe 2 etc... When I test the movie nothing
> happens. I have attached the flash file to this email.

Eesh. Sounds like you've dived in without swimming lessons.

Here's some friendly info, both general and specific:

(1) General: *Never* attach a file to an email to *any* email list, unless you
are certain that the list members agree that this is an okay thing to do. The
reason that I say "never" is not to be snotty, but the truth is that lists that
welcome attachments are very rare indeed. (Europeans pay by the second for their
Internet connections, etc.)

(2) Specifically, this list, as you have probably discovered by now if you
inspected your own post when it went through, is set up to filter out
attachments ... yours never made it through ... that's intentional.

(3) More specifics: there *is* a "group-consensus" way to show us your files. If
it's a .swf problem, you can just upload it to a site of yours somewhere (free
ones are out there if you need them), and give us the URL. If it's a fla
problem, you just need to "zip" it up and upload it to a site and give us the
URL again. *Or*, there's an address to which you can ftp your files and then let
us know the exact path to look there for them.

Here's that address:

You can just go there and create a folder of your own and plunk down your stuff.
Please just respect the property of others that you will find there! :-)

> I have obviously
> missed an important principle. Could anyone please help me get started?

As redstar said, start with the Tutorials, under the Help menu and in the book
(same; easier to follow from book unless you have two monitors). I sorta differ
with RS on the manual thing: it's dry and not that well written, so I wouldn't
demand that you read it cover-to-cover. *However*, it's very good practice, and
"common courtesy", to thoroughly read through the manual in the part about what
you're trying to accomplish, before you send a post here ... many early
questions can turn out to be answered by just checking out the index in the

After you've completed the Flash program tutorials, go to
http://www.macromedia.com, click on Support, then Flash, then you'll see a large
"Learn" section.

Please see another of my posts today regarding hunting up specific intermediate
and advanced info on MM's site and on Flash Central. From that info you will
discover tons of other tutorials and a wealth of information resources.

HTH, and Welcome,

Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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