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Subject: RE: Newbie alert: Mediocre preloader example [was: Re: FLASH: ADMIN: Welcome flasher list sponsors...flashforward2000]
From: unique
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 21:19:06 GMT

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, Pete Grant
<petegatpetegrant [dot] com> put forth:

> > > ... flashforward2000 (www.flashforward2000)
> >
> Typo city. It's actually www.flashforward2000.com and there were a couple of
> typos in the text.
> ...
> ... (They misspelled his name, too!) ...

Lynda Weinman is constantly shooting herself in the foot this way. (MM does this
too ... check out a free seminar some time ... Disorganization City.) Her books
are riddled with typos, and her publisher even left important stuff off of her
CD for DW2 HOT (according to her own Web site).

If lynda.com is producing this thing -- and it is -- I surely hope that they can
get the production and organization thing working. Her books, and her/their
email here (commas for apostrophes fer gosh sakes?!), and their very boring
Flash "preloader", certainly don't set any example for *attention to detail*,
without which the Web will continue to look 90% crappy.

Anal-retentively yours,

Ken Sherwood

p.s. Howzabout a *real* Flash Event, in NYC? We BackEasters aren't *that* small
a minority, are we?

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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  RE: Newbie alert: Mediocre preloader exa, Pete Grant

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