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Subject: Re: UKNM: CommerceNet?
From: Clay Shirky
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 17:25:27 +0100

> CommerceNet is the premier industry consortium for companies using,
> promoting and building electronic commerce on the Internet. CommerceNet's
> mission is to make electronic commerce easy, trusted and ubiquitous.

You know Clare, if I wasn't sure that that sort of things was beneath
you, I could swear that you'd cut-and-pasted that paragraph from some
brochure somewhere.

> Our support to the consortium demonstrates our commitment to the development
> and promotion of e-commerce initiatives and activities, working with
> CommerceNet to transform the net into a global electronic marketplace.

And my buying books on Amazon demonstrates my commitment to the
development of e-commerce activiities as well, and in an altogether
more concrete fashion to boot. This rhetoric looks to me as if CN
wants to keep people from figuring out that the net is *already* a
global electronic marketplace.

> IS Solutions are actively involved in the CommerceNet ECommerce Issues and
> Solutions Project which sets out to address all major issues pertaining to
> e-commerce in the UK, Ireland and Europe. The main goal of the project is
> to research all issues pertaining to the set-up and operation of e-commerce
> related Web sites and services. The emphasis will be on practical business
> and technological hurdles faced by businesses and their clients.

...such as?

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  Re: UKNM: CommerceNet?, Neil Ellul

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