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Subject: RE: UKNM: CommerceNet?
From: Daniel Gestetner
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 15:25:27 +0100

A very good one that we (ShopGuide.co.uk) will soon be working with is
Clicksure. We believe they are the closest thing to an industry standard and
have a very comprehensive document relating to the accreditation criteria.
They also have a large amount of collective experience in accreditation and
the British and European Standards.

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Subject: RE: UKNM: CommerceNet?

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> From: Clay Shirky [clayatshirky [dot] com (mailto:clayatshirky [dot] com)]
> Has anyone else here heard of this plan for an "Ecommerce
> Accreditation Scheme"? I got this mail on Friday:

> Anybody know anything about this "scheme"? Or CommerceNet? And is this
> as much of a bald-faced grab to badger merchants into paying in for a
> worthless kite mark as it seems?
> -clay

Having come from the organisation (http://www.imrg.org/) that pioneered
the notion of 'e-commerce best practice' in the UK (circa 1997), I know
a bit about these things, and I think you are probably right. A cursory
glance at the CommerceNet web sites does not volunteer info on the
project in question so its hard to be certain. What I do know - from my
own experience - is that 'kitemarks' without huge awareness budgets are
destined to failure anyway. Look how hard TRUSTe has had to work.

Generally, CommerceNet are a disparate group of domestic
mutual-interest-consortium franchises across Europe working under the
loose patronage of the original US consortium - mostly technology
focused, but trying to broaden its influence. OK if you like that sort
of thing. I'm sure there is at least one subscriber from the UK
franchise on this list, so this reply is bound to coincide with a
'corporate' response.

Still the best 'best practice' code available is the IMRG's at
http://www.imrg.org/hallmark/default.htm Nothing to do with the fact
that I worked on it, of course. There are no costs associated with using
the code (so long as you don't want to wear the IMRG's 'kitemark'), its
mostly just evolved common sense anyway .

Steve Johnston
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