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Subject: UKNM: UKNM Partner for Test Wanted
From: thepartnership
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 12:30:30 +0000 (GMT)

I'm looking for a partner to test a traffic building idea for Web Sites.
It's never been run before in new media, though it's a proven success in
traffic building for retailers.

Quite simply, anyone who visits the site, registers, or whatever you/the
client wants them to do, can print off a 75 cheque which can be used
towards their next holiday (UK residents only - I know this might be
tricky, but it would have to be a UK concentric brand).

As I want a case study for the future, this would be free (to the right
partner). In other words, no matter how many cheques are printed or used,
there's no cost.

OK I know it sounds too good to be true or like a scam, but we've run it
before with Royal Mail, BT, Clarks Shoes and Texaco among others, so it's
completely genuine.

My only requirement is that the test partner must be a credible, big brand
(if they're not, the offer sounds unbelievable) and that they feedback some

Any takers? I'd be happy to post results on UKNM if anyone's interested.

Hope this is considered sufficiently on message.

Kind regards

Russell Buckley

russellatthepartnership [dot] co [dot] uk

2 Calico House
Plantation Wharf
London SW11 3TN
Tel: 0171 350 1113
Fax: 0171 228 4340

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