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Subject: UKNM: Fraud Prevention Systems
From: Scott Reid
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:05:12 GMT

I wonder if anyone could give me any help with more automated
alternatives to the following:

Currently we take secure orders via several e-commerce sites. These
arrive into our building as encrypted emails. This is then decrypted by
one of our servers which generates a quotation for the order. At this
point we need to authenticate the order.

We currently do this on what seems to me like a very outdated program
called WinCheck from Equifax. This is a manual process where we have to
enter the details from the quote into WinCheck, this then dials up
Equifax and does various searchs, Electoral role, Credit check, CCJ's
etc. Based on the results of this, if the order seems good we then
process the credit card details, turn the quote into an invoice, which
then gets shipped by our warehouse.

WinCheck is very slow and requires manual operation, a PC, modem etc. I
would like to get rid of this and replace it with something we can
automate if possible or at the very least use via some web-based form.
I've approached Equifax several times as to possible alternatives but
the response has ranged from completely unhelpful to non-existant.

All suggestions on this matter would be gratefully received.




Scott Reid - (01302) 321400 # 294
IT Dept
Miller Brothers
Shaw Lane

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