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Subject: Fwd: Re: UKNM: " lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-buildin
From: Sam Michel
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 20:30:12 GMT

As you may have gathered this message wasn't from me, it originated from
Kevin Mason, sorry for any confusion.

> Andreas,
> I'd like to pick up on point three here. I think that approach to DTV
> will fundamentally fall over for two reasons:
> 1. Web pages are designed for consumption off a screen fourteen
inches away
>from the end user as opposed to fourteen feet away with a TV. The level of
>complexity in interactivity will have to be greatly reduced, and screen
>will change to accomodate this.
> 2. In a medium which has passive reception of information at its core,
>interactivety will need to be kept simple and direct. This will permeate not
>only through design, but in the offers themselves.
> Kevin Mason
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>Subject: UKNM: " lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-building to
>Author: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com at Internet
>Date: 19/03/98 19:22
>I would like to hear any comments to the article in last issue
>of Campaign (p. 18) about the American web market "Cutbacks
>force a Web rethink". I don't want to discuss about negative trends and
>shake out. We did this already on the list.
>But rather that the article starts with
>" ... lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-building tool ... "
>I'd like to play the devil's advocate - how would you react to these points
>view ..based on some of the people I'm currently dealing with ;-)
>1) Will the web form part of integrated communications for a FMCG brand,
>but one that is really unimportant because it does not reach its most
>interesting target groups? They watch television.
>2) We need standardisation, but doesn't this block out innovation? Banners
>be easy to sell and clients understand them but the model is too close to
>advertising, where awareness rates are coming under increased scrutiny.
>(E.g. GM is declining its print ad spending because it is not efficient
enough )
>Where are the new advertising models on the web?
>3) Should a brand owner wait until interactive TV kicks off. Then he can

>integrate the web in his interactive TV advertising campaign.
>What are the real strengths for branding on the Internet today?
>Andreas Walde
>Axcess Media
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