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Subject: RE: UKNM: Request of help to build a proposal
From: Jennifer Stanley
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 15:04:40 GMT

Not to give too much away here, but all I can say is that for a budget
fo 20K - of which you suggest in only spending 10 on the
conception/design/build of the site itself - I believe you may find
yourself with very little there to market! In the style of those old
ZX 81 and ZX Specturm manuals, I have to ask - just what can you do with

Jennifer Stanley
New Media Factory
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> Sent: Monday, March 23, 1998 10:17 AM
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> Subject: UKNM: Request of help to build a proposal
> Hi all,
> We have a proposal to make to a big organisation for a Web site that
> is
> aimed at the same time to the Industry and to the public (in 2
> separate
> areas).
> I plan propose to spend half of the budget (20 k.) in marketing the
> site
> and the other in building the site.
> The organisation is quite formal (public body). It will help me a lot
> if
> some one can send me a sample of a (successful ?) proposal that you
> have
> presented in the past (you can remove any information that you
> consider
> sensible).
> It is more the form that the content that I'am interested in.
> #The goal, target audience and main sections of the site have been
> defined
> by the client, but for obvious reasons I can not make them public.
> Thank for your help.
> Mauricio G.
> Hope this is an acceptable posting, as I have read the list in the
> past 2-3
> months but I have not seen request like mine.
> [Moderator's note: Fine with me, although I'd be impressed/surprised
> if anyone is very forthcoming with this information. Generally I would
> expect this to be regarded as highly confidential for anyone's
> business. Personally, I find it fascinating to see other proposals, or
> should I say, very educational!]
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