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Subject: FLASH: about the online files...
From: nathan king
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 06:14:13 GMT

OK, I think everyone here is respectable and just want's to know how it was
done, besides; we have a list of names an email were the same stuff to pop
up later. then we could just call them out, ridicule them online and it
would be done with. No one is foolish enaough to blatantly rip anything off
with a group of peers (such as this list) surrounding them.

>I just keep thinking. what if it was mine?

I would be f*cking proud that a whole mailing list devoted hundreds of
threads to figure it out and put up a server just so everyone could dissect
(sp?) it ; would be happy to help out as well.
This is not a business of keeping secrets, we are not a ring of magicians
closely guarding our claims to fame. I got on this list to get/recieve help
and this is the kind of stuff I need. I text message just dosen't do it for
did anyone just tell you how a frog worked in science class? Nope. you took
it apart and found out for yourself. I'm not here to ripp anyone off and I
don't think anyone else is either... they would be fools if they tried...
keep up the ftp, and thanks for it in the first place...
(man, I'm gettin' hauty, but I just want to get a point across. apologies
for coming on so strong, but I hope the point was understood)

nathan king
<<rhythm9atpreferred [dot] com>>

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