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Subject: RE: UKNM: Funmail - The 'Big Yellow Envelope' Theory
From: Emma Jones
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 19:00:43 +0100

I have to confess I never even look at the email address. We take the first
correct entries and then any other emails that come in after we have our
required number of winners go straight into a delete file. So to guarantee
a win you have to surf the site on a daily basis to make sure you get in
there first!


Emma Jones
Sales and Marketing Manager
Mobile - 0403 300 409

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Subject: UKNM: Funmail - The 'Big Yellow Envelope' Theory

As far as I understand it, a lot of Internet based competition winners are
selected at random by their email address. I've mostly seen this done
manually - i.e. someone scrolls down the list and picks a winner.

I'm working on a theory that a cool Funmail address (such as
shamelessatopportunist [dot] co [dot] uk or quiteatmouthful [dot] co [dot] uk ) can give you a slight
edge here because it stands out - and/or brings a smile to the person who
has been assigned this otherwise dreary exercise.

Of course it doesn't guarantee you a win, but if your address ends up being
within the field of vision it certainly has the potential to give you an
edge over the other 50 or so other email addresses on the screen (thus the
name of the 'Big Yellow Envelope' theory).

We've had a couple of wins through a certain gaming site that shall remain
nameless, so I'm pretty sure they use this system - but was curious to know
if this really is the industry standard. If so, I can get on with some
serious experimentation (and maybe win a car or two).

Tim Ireland
Senior Copywriter
Email: timatdesignercity [dot] com
URL: http://www.designercity.com

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  Re: UKNM: Funmail - The 'Big Yellow Enve, Tim Ireland

  UKNM: Funmail - The 'Big Yellow Envelope, Tim Ireland

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