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Subject: RE: UKNM: I have a friend...
From: Bryan_Jago
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:44:20 GMT

Time for a lurker to move out into the light........briefly! (Sorry about the
'Out of Office' messages...and thanks Ray, I did have a nice holiday!)

In terms of getting Marketing/Advertising companies interested, I would
recommend the following:

Firstly, put a basic Marketing Briefing plan together. This should include:

1) Timings - When is the site launching, how long do you envisage the campaign
running for?
2) A brief explanation of what the proposition is and what its differential
advantage is (what makes it special!)?
3) Target Audience - Who do you view as your key audience.
4) Market factors - Is this a totally new proposition or are you entering a
market against an established competitor.
5) Campaign Objectives - What do you want the Advertising/Marketing to achieve?
6) Campaign Measurements - How do you intend to measure success (e.g. via
e-commerce sales, registrations, etc.)
7) An estimated budget. (They should be able to guide you more but if you leave
it blank they'll probably come back with a plan that costs a ridiculously high

Most of this can be fitted onto a single A4 sheet (or small e-mail) and should
give most Marketing/Ad people enough to work on! Obviously, this doccy is
supposed to be a starting point for discussion and any company worth its salt
will want to discuss aspects of it in greater detail.

Secondly, be clear as to when you expect a response (Presentation, Strategy
document, etc) from all parties. If you are planning to launch in 2 weeks, let
them know and watch them panic!

Paul made a good point with regards to splitting elements of the Marketing down.
Whilst it may be nice to have a full service agency on the roster who claims to
be able to carry out every aspect of your campaign, be aware of a lovely old
saying 'Jack of all trades, Master of none'. Media is so fragmented now that
there is a massive requirement for Specialists and as a result, the last 10
years has seen the decline of the power of Full Service Agencies. Before you
start panicking about 'fees' most Traditional (Old?) Media Agencies work on
Agency Commission provided by Media Owners which means you don't lose out (or so
the theory goes!).

Enough, back to the shadows for me!


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