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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Wish I'd said that...not
From: Martin Lloyd
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:02:01 -0000

Not old, but definately cynical. For anyone who missed it when it came out
some months ago this is what happened when the founders of Razorfish said
one buzzword too many


A lesson to us all.

[Sam says: after Ray's request, here's a quick snippet (it's a long, but fascinating article, BTW):

Simon (Bob Simon, veteran 60 minutes reporter) praised Razorfish as "one of the most successful companies on the Web," but then his tone abruptly changed.

"Successful at what?" he asked. "Good question."

The camera was now on Dachis (Jeff Dachis, Razorfish CEO).

"We've asked our clients to recontextualize their business," Dachis managed. "We've re- ... recontextualized what it is to be a business-services ... and that'll continually ... "

Simon's face went blank. It wasn't the look of helpless confusion millions of Americans were experiencing as Dachis stuttered at them through their TV sets. Rather, it was the sedate, self-satisfied gaze of a 60 Minutes reporter about to yank the lever of the show's legendary trapdoor. ]



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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Wish I'd said that...not

LastMinute.com's pre-AGM promotional material carries an interview with
Martha Lane Fox.

As well as expanding into the interactive TV, mobile phone and personal
assistant markets they "have also launched a transactional voice platform,
which we believe to be a strategic breakthrough".

She doesn't mean an in-bound call centre, does she?

[Sam says: msg chopped]

  Wish I'd said that...not, David Hughes

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