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Subject: Re: UKNM: Re: Banner fixation
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:45:02 GMT

Anthony Appleby bravely started a new string with:

>Let's not be myopic about banner advertising.

>I'd like to ask what success any of you have had with
>search engine placement, sponsorship or affiliate programs. It'd be
>nice to compare (even roughly) the effectiveness of banner
>advertising against other methods.

Even better, let's not assume you need to *pay* for any kind of media time
or promotion to achieve top results and high exposure. I get top results in
Infoseek and even a 'most popular' nod from HotBot (one of only *two*, mind
you) purely from general sneakiness and (dare I say it) ingenuity.

Again we come back to creativity (sorry) and it's saleability. Why pay for
space at a 1% click-through rate when you could be directly targeting a core
audience relating to the product or service in question with a downright
sneaky guerrilla campaign? Consumers are much more receptive when they think
the whole thing is their idea...

Tim Ireland
tim [dot] iatvirgin [dot] net
Freelance Copywriting
"Be more or less specific."

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