November 1999

UKNM Roundup: 26-11-1999

Big bang or little whimper?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - November 26, 1999

The recent spate of launches and harsh criticism that these have received from list subscribers, I asked whether it was better for a brand to launch with a massive wave of publicity, or to launch quietly, test their product and grow gradually. C. Locke replied, "There seems to be a cultural divide between the desires of marketing teams and the potential of the technical teams... All of the recent disasters were caused by internal rather than external factors."

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UKNM Roundup: 19-11-1999

Using credit cards online: fraud or fantastic?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - November 19, 1999

The use of credit cards online and whether or not they're secure came under the spotlight this week. Prompted by a vote: "Does using your credit card online make you nervous?" - Naaah, it's safe enough (84.8%) Yes, it gives me the willies (15.2%) - a flurry of emails examined how to protect a business from credit card fraud and whether the perception matched the reality.

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UKNM Roundup: 12-11-1999

Is this getting boo-ring yet?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - November 12, 1999

The saga continues, although as time goes on the UK-Netmarketing crowd are finding more and more bizarre things including the following posted by L. Rickler from the code on one of their pages: "// first up insert the evil ad tracking shite, var evilAdTracker=(location.protocol". Perhaps this is their way of making their code as "street" as their merchandise?

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UKNM Roundup: 05-11-1999

Is Miss Boo a Boo Boo?
UK-Netmarketing Weekly Round-up - November 05, 1999

It�s been a long time coming and there�s been plenty of speculation on the list about�s imminent arrival. The launch and the enormous publicity and PR offensive that followed resulted in a plethora of emails about the highs and lows of the boo experience. Things started off well, with the first posting from T. May exclaiming, " does look damn sexy." Unfortunately, subsequent emails weren�t quite so positive.

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