Digital Mission - let the show begin

Yesterday started with investor meetings over breakfast. Both for those companies fundraising, and those that were not, there were fruitful discussions about the market. VCs can be hard to track down, so having a place for rapid one-on-one meetings (in the very nice surroundings of the Winston and Strawn offices) was priceless.

After that, the Digital Mission companies headed off to lunch with Sun (Start up Essentials). As we were in the US, and Stuart Townsend was in the UK, Rob Klusman was 'Stuart' for the lunch, and gave a good overview of Sun's recent re-engineering around open source principles.

Digital Mission NYC 2008The afternoon was given over to meetings and recovery, before heading out to the pre-show Web 2.0 Expo evening events - where the British presence was definitely felt.

Today the Web 2.0 Expo kicked off in earnest. Lots to do and lots to see, before Digital Mission heads to Digital Wednesdays tonight - the weekly network for digital media folks in New York. It's been going since 2006 and is home to the New York digerati, and for tonight, there will be a British flavo(u)r too!

Photos here on my Flickr and all digitalmission tagged photos here.