Quick, slap a CEO


Literally, he needs a slap. And all in the aid of launching his new website, Sweemo or Sweet Moments, one of the 21 companies chosen for the recent Digital Mission to New York.

Sweemo is a auction site for real-life experiences from Zorbing with Models to Chocolate-making, the site builds on the popularity of experiences as gifts. Could be an interesting alternative to the usual Christmas list fare.

"Thanks Grandma, I loved the socks last year, but I'm kinda hoping to shadow a private investigator this year."

As Jay Nguyen, the CEO with proferred cheek says,

You are bidding on the opportunity to smack me round the face with a big, wet fish.

I should introduce myself. My name’s Jay, and I’m the founder and CEO of Sweemo (the place where people offer ‘Sweet Moments’ to each other)... and this just seemed like a fun thing to do to get things started!

But hurry, there's only 30 minutes left to bid. The package includes flights and accommodation from anywhere in the world, so it's not all fish-slapping. There's more from Jay on YouTube.


[Update: See what happened when the winner turned up with a 15kg fish]


being slapped..

Thanks Sam! Did you know it's actually kind of nerve-wracking thinking that people are actually paying over £400 to slap me ... or maybe it's just the cheap airfare ...

Maybe they're just very

Maybe they're just very keen to come to London, or massive fans of Monty Python? Or did you upset someone in Texas?

Maybe you should start training now. Start off with sardines, work up to kippers and then the flat-fish, before taking a 7kg salmon across the chops Embarassed