SMWLDN in Rewind: 10 Principles for an Open, Connected and Collaborative World


On Thursday at the Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook, Toby Daniels, Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week shared 10 Principles for an Open, Connected and Collaborative World, providing examples of how individuals and organisations are leveraging the power of technology and the creative potential of social media to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

There is an innate feeling in all of us to achieve progress, to advance, to solve problems. Emerging technologies have changed how we communicate and how we engage with the world around us. One voice can now ripple to millions. Through social media we can connect to friends, family and colleagues and share our passions openly and across cultural and geographic boundaries.  Change is happening everywhere.

Startups are disrupting entire industries and scaling their businesses globally. Tyranny, injustice and unethical behavior is being exposed around the world. Groups are self organising to take positive action. Transparency, accountability, information sharing, and collaboration are accelerating progress to levels never before seen. And, solutions to our biggest problems are no longer just the domain of geniuses and those of power or wealth; they can be found through collaboration between people everywhere.

Catch up with the livestream below to hear what Daniels had to say, followed by the Q&A session to hear more on the topic.

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