Applications open for Digital Mission to NYC

application-form-screenshot.gif "It's alive!", as any good horror movie actor would scream. The application form for the Digital Mission to Web2.0 Expo in NYC is now officially open.

Closing Date: midnight, Wed, 23rd July

The aim of this Digital Mission is to help digital companies expand or seek investment in the USA. The trip itself will focus on two key ares:

  1. Understanding the practicalities of entering the US market - market intelligence, tax, legal, etc.
  2. Networking & connections - meetings organised for each company with potential partners with plenty of social networking (the real-life kind)

The criteria are pretty broad for the Digital Mission and it's worth noting that it's not just for start-ups. Any company that works in the digital space and is regarded officially as an SME (less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than £40m).

Why go? What are the benefits?

Fair question. Here's a cut-out and keep list...

  • discounted travel, accommodation and planning services
  • seminars and workshops for doing business in the US
  • market overview of the Eastern US
  • pre-planned meetings designed around your company's requirements
  • networking events - specific Digital Mission, official Web 2.0 Expo events, and more
  • press and blog coverage of the Digital Mission
  • strength in numbers - more attention and more focus on your company as part of the group
  • pass to Web 2.0 Expo Hall, keynotes and more...

Plus...we're looking for suggestions both from companies who successfully apply to the Digital Mission and any other feedback. If there's specific events, meetings or networking events that would add extra value, we're all ears: drop a line to missionatchinwag [dot] com (Digital%20Mission%20feedback) .

In the meantime check out the criteria for entry and the application form.