Newspapers: The Journey from Print to Web to Social (Infographic)

Newspapers and a changing audience by Will Sturgeon on The Media Blog

A neat demographic for those interested in how the old-school newspaper world is coping with the changes posed first by the web, and now social media created by Will Sturgeon on The Media Blog (an excellent read, follow them: @the_mediablog)

Using data from the industry audit body, ABC, the graphic shows the proportion of audience coming from print (grey), web (light blue) and social (dark blue). 

It's notable that, combining web and social media, the broadsheets are punching above their weight, proportionate to their audience, with The Guardian the most social of the bunch. Coincidence that The Guardian is where I spotted this info? Roy Greenslade comments, modestly,

"The Guardian, by contrast, has almost as many social media fans and followers as it has daily visitors to its website. Its reach is, arguably, more penetrating."

whilst Will points out that the Mail's gossip-heavy approach is nectar for search engines,

The Mail's online focus on celebrity gossip and candid shots of scantily clad stars is clearly working well in generating search engine traffic from outside its traditional readership (how many right wing pensioners in middle England know or care who Kim Kardashian is?).

Anyone got a side-by-side comparison of these audience figures against revenues? Or to quote that well-known philosopher Jerry Maguire, "Show Me The Money".

Image (c) The Media Blog.
Hat tip: Roy Greenslade's Guardian blog.